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Our Solutions

We provide cutting-edge software solutions with artificial intelligence, extended reality and 3D.
Integrate your business with unlimited possibilities!

3D AR Solutions

Supercharge your lifestyle brand with our 3D AR solutions. Let customers explore products through their mobile phones, boosting sales conversion by delivering immersive experiences that drive confident purchasing decisions.

ChatGPT-powered Image Consultant

Discover your true style with our revolutionary AI Image Consultant. Designed for fashion brands, department stores, and shopping malls, it delivers personalized outfit recommendations, enhancing the shopping experience and elevating fashion choices through AI expertise.

AI 3D Face Generator

Engage customers in the metaverse and online with immersive experiences, using lifelike virtual avatars to create deep connections and enhance interactions like never before. Revolutionize your brand's digital presence today.

3D Office Space Planner

Introducing our AI-powered 3D Office Space Planner, revolutionizing office design. Easily furnish your workspace with our intuitive solution, empowering end users to create functional and inspiring environments effortlessly. Streamline your office setup today.

Tailor-made SaaS Modules

Our software solutions are designed and tailer-made to fit your business need with lowest cost of integration as possible!

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